• The American Prospect —
    Founded by Robert Kuttner, Paul Starr, and Robert Reich in 1990, the American Prospect has consistently led the debate on the American trade disaster.
  • The American Conservative —
    Founded by Patrick Buchanan, the American Conservative brings a trenchant paleo-conservative skepticism — otherwise known as uncommon commonsense — to all forms of globalism.
  • The Huffington Post —
    Among major online news sources, the Huffington Post ranks as probably the most open to free discussion on America’s trade policies and often publishes commentaries from such authoritative advocates of fair trade as Ralph Gomory, Pat Choate, and Dean Baker.
  • Economy in Crisis —
    This website’s entire raison d’etre is to highlight the damage current trade policies are doing to the American economy. It  is noted for contributions from such big-name commentators as Ernest F. Hollings, Byron Dorgan, and Paul Craig Roberts.
  • James Fallows’s blog —
    Long time national correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly, James Fallows is the leader of a group of writers and scholars who challenge the conventional view that East Asian nations are converging to American ideas of good economics.
  • William J. Holstein’s blog —
    Former world editor of Business Week, William Holstein is the author of The Japan Power Game and an expert on   East Asian economics since the 1970s.
  • Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s website —
    Representing an industrial district in Toledo, Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is one of the clearest and most consistent voices for fair trade in Washington.
  • Senator Byron Dorgan’s website —
    Arguing  that foreign trade must be fair and mutually beneficial trade, Senator Dorgan has called for controls on American companies that shift American jobs overseas to escape U.S. environmental standards.
  • Senator Jim Webb —
    A recipient of the  Navy Cross for outstanding bravery in Vietnam, Senator Webb is a leader of American efforts to secure a more balanced trade relationship with China.
  • The U.S. Business and Industry Council —
    Featuring expert commentaries by Alan Tonelson and headed by Kevin Kearns, a former U.S. diplomat who played a leading role in the Japan trade wars of the early 1990s, USBIC is a Washington think-tank that has consistently and presciently focused American policymakers’ attention on the trade disaster.
  • American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition —
    Headed by Auggie Tantillo, AMTAC has been a leader in the effort to press Beijing to revalue the Chinese yuan.
  • Alliance for American Manufacturing —
    Headed by Scott Paul, AAM is known particularly for its fight to ensure a level playing field in the global steel market.
  • Global Trade Watch —
    Global Trade Watch is an arm of Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen.
  • United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission —
    This is a U.S. government organization that tracks China’s rise and focuses attention on U.S.-China trade imbalances.  Commission members include Larry M. Wortzel, Patrick Mulloy, and Carolyn Bartholomew.
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