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If you click through on the headings below, you can get to the articles concerned. Most of them focus on international trade or American decline or both. For my first item, however, I chose something different — partly because it is of more general interest and partly because the response to it was particularly memorable. Not the least aspect of that was response was that Mayer Brown dropped the lawsuit like a hot brick. Another aspect was that Yoshiko Sakurai, a veteran Japanese broadcaster, was moved to describe it as “in extremely poor taste.” See whether you agree!

‘Disgusting!,’ Cry Legal Experts: Is This The Lowest A Top U.S. Law Firm Has Ever Stooped?

Now They Tell Us: The Story Of Japan’s ‘Lost Decades’ Was Just One Big Hoax


Super Tuesday Post-Mortem: If Hillary Thinks America Is Still Great, She Needs To Get Out More


Memo To Benighted U.S. Economists: The Importance Of Being Irish — Or Danish, Or Swedish


China Knows Something You Don’t: U.S. Economists Are History’s Biggest Patsies


If You Trust The American Press, Here’s A Thought Experiment


Even Martians Know What The Press Won’t Say: Disastrous China Trade Policy Drove Trump/Sanders Wins


Like 1950s Detroit, Boeing Is Underestimating Emerging Japanese Competition


Reports Of America’s Manufacturing Renaissance Are Just A Cruel Political Hoax


Where It Counts, ‘Basket-Case Japan’ Is Beating The Pants Off The United States


American Decline: More Wishful Thinking from the Naysayers


Henry Kissinger Says American Decline Is A Myth: What Are You Smokin’, Dude?


U.S. Decline: An Open Letter to a Closed Mind


American Decline: Is It for Real?


Here are some other articles that may be of interest:


After the Financial Times buyout, let’s stop belittling Japan’s success

(The Guardian, London)

Japan Eyes Trump: Why the Media’s Silence on Japanese Protectionism Gives Trump Another Priceless Opening

(The Unz Review, Palo Alto)

Boeing Goes to Pieces

(The American Conservative, Washington)

The Myth of Japan’s Failure

(The New York Times)









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