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Edwin Reischauer: An ambassador who lied TO his country

John Kennedy’s ambassador to Japan is the subject of a new biography. Unfortunately, as I point out in this review (which  was first published in the June 2010 issue of the American Conservative), the author’s agenda has little to do with … Continue reading

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How the press stabbed Detroit in the back

In a new article for CounterPunch, I show that, by failing to blow the whistle on protectionism in key foreign markets,  the American press shares  blame for Detroit’s implosion. For decades East Asian competition has played a controversial role in … Continue reading

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Detroit: A riposte to the bashers

Detroit’s problems are partly — but only partly — its own fault. Other actors, not least the smart-alecks of America’s opinion-making industry, have played a crucial role in this tragedy. (This is a longer version of an article published at … Continue reading

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