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A $10,000 offer for Robby Feldman and Ed Lincoln

Let’s sort out once and for all what has really happened to the Japanese economy in the last two decades. Some months ago I offered to make a $5,000 donation to charity if any of ten influential Western commentators joined … Continue reading

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Iris Chang: Elegy for a brave writer

Iris Chang was a Chinese-American author and historian who took her own life in 2004. As Paula Kamen recounts in a new biography, Chang had challenged the establishments of two of the world’s most powerful nations. [This review was first … Continue reading

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Piranhas in the Amazon system

Authors have always taken on vested interests. Now vested interests have found a new way to strike back. The unsuspecting American public assumes that the rise of online bookstores like Amazon.com has powerfully served the cause of truth.  Not necessarily.

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A quiet anniversary: The Nanking Massacre remembered — and forgotten

All conventional wisdom to the contrary, Japan and China cooperate closely in key policies, most notably trade. In return for economic favors from Tokyo, Beijing has never pursued claims for reparations over Japan’s aggression of the 1930s and early 1940s. … Continue reading

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